Keshev is a research and information center that focuses on exposing biased coverage patterns in the Israeli media, teaching critical media consumption and encouraging fair media. 


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Coalition Wars
Just days after the elections, newspaper headlines proclaim a war footing. Are these menacing messages soundly based and trustworthy? Read more >>


How effective was Iron Dome in reality?

Psychological warfare, financial and politicial interests, and the media's adoption of the IDF's version prevented informed debate on the anti-missile system | Read more (Hebrew)


"Third intifada more evident in headlines than in reality"

Do recent developments in the West Bank actually indicate a military escalation?
Read more (Hebrew)


Israeli media during Gaza operation: professional reporting or an IDF spokesperson?

Israeli media repeated unverified IDF statements during the military operation in Gaza | Read more


Between Hamas and taking part in Negotiations

The Palestinian reconciliation accord was covered poorly in both the Palestinian and Israeli media
Read more


Free press in Israel threatened

Harassment and lawsuits against journalists, government involvement in media and bills limiting free speech
Read more

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