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About Keshev

Keshev – The Center for the Protection of Democracy in Israel was founded by Israeli citizens concerned about the deterioration of the public discourse and threats to democracy in Israel after the Rabin assassination.


Keshev promotes a more moderate media and public discourse through educational activities, by counseling journalist and by publishing research on Israeli media coverage. Keshev urges media editors to carry out the duties incumbent upon media in a democracy and teaches news consumers to evaluate news coverage more critically in order to acquire informed viewpoints that can help them make reasoned decisions in all aspects of their democratic participation.


Since 2005, Keshev has cooperated with Palestinian NGOs that carry out parallel media-monitoring in Palestinian society. This bilateral effort to identify problematic patterns of coverage in both societies is a unique undertaking in a conflict zone.


In 2010 Keshev began working with the International Peace and Cooperation Center (IPCC), a Palestinian NGO, in a project entitled Press for Peace that seeks to improve the media discourse, train journalists and educate news consumers throughout the region. The project is supported by USAID, zivik, and the region of Tuscany.

Keshev is not affiliated with any political party and is supported by contributions alone.


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